Pikmin Mushroom Timers

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How to

Click the to add a new timer.
Set the color and type of mushroom (optional). You can set a preferred combination as default for new timers.
You can enter a name (optional).
You can specify if you are attacking Solo, or if you have used a Horn, or if you have been Invited.
Enter the duration of the mushroom attack, in days, hours, minutes and seconds, as seen in your Pikmin Mushroom attack.
If the attack is already active, check the Activate countdown immediately. While it is running, you can still edit the other settings.
Click to save the changes and to start your timer.

You can now see when your mushroom timer will be ready.
This can be helpfull when you are planning multiple mushroom attacks to complete future challenges.

Your timer details are stored in your browser, not in cookies, but with localstorage.
There is no server storage.

You can export a table of endtimes, including color, size and title. You can paste this list.
You can export/import timer data, if you want to transfer all your mushroom timers.


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