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These plugins can be used to improve your IITC/Mission Author/Bannergress experience:

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These plugins were created by Daniël Nederpel - Ingress Enlightened player [NL]
You can get in contact by Telegram: @DanielOndiordna
Join this Telegram channel: Softspot IITC plugins
Discuss in this Telegram channel: Softspot IITC plugins - support chat

You can use all my plugins for free, but if you really like my plugins, and if you want to support my development, you can donate any amount of money to my paypal account:
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Thanks in advance!

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IITC plugin: Unique Portal HistoryLayer2.2.020240525.141200Show your personal unique portal history for Visited, Captured or Scout Controlled portals with layers. Choose your own colors for Resistance, Enlightened, Machina and Neutral portals. Place bookmarks. Invert results! Add three extra Portals List plugin columns. Does not require CORE subscription.
IITC plugin: Maps Route PlannerNavigate3.0.020240307.220600Plan a route with multiple portals and open Google Maps (max 9 waypoints) or Apple Maps (iOS 16+ supports waypoints) to start your navigation.
IITC plugin: Bookmarks add-onAddon2.1.020240227.204800Bookmark plugin add-on, to replace the default yellow marker by a color marker (color change requires colorpicker or drawtools), and show bookmark names (layer), including optional scaling. Modified export file with timestamp in text/plain format. Also an option for bookmarks export to kml file format (for google maps). Add/remove bookmarks with filters for level, faction, captured, visited and resonator counts. Integrated Spectrum Colorpicker 1.8.1
IITC plugin: Bannergress credentials backup/restoreMisc2.0.020240212.202900Use the dialog of this plugin to create a backup of your Bannergress plugin credentials on a desktop and restore them in IITC-CE mobile. Step by step instructions are included.
IITC plugin: Player Tracker add-onAddon1.3.120240209.233200Add-on to the player tracker plugin: Adjust history limit of 3 hours to another value. Toggle name labels, last action time, toggle/adjust player colors, focus on players, display 1 single player. Integrated Marker Label plugin and Spectrum Colorpicker 1.8.1 plugin. Supports Machina U̶͚̓̍N̴̖̈K̠͔̍͑̂͜N̞̥͋̀̉Ȯ̶̹͕̀W̶̢͚͑̚͝Ṉ̨̟̒̅' player.
IITC plugin: Zoom OverrideTweaks1.2.020240122.225900Override the portal and links display levels for every zoom level. Using this method can cause more bandwidth usage when showing more details at higher zoom levels.
IITC plugin: Fix desktop portal linksTweak1.0.020240120.110400Add /intel to the Portal link and Permalink. Also add map location to portal links. Links will then match stock intel links. This fix is only needed for Desktop IITC-CE and IITC Button users, from version IITC 0.31.1 and up. Not needed for mobile users.
IITC plugin: Dutch Kadaster map layersMap Tiles1.0.020231128.234100Add a map and overlay of Dutch Kadaster maps from PDOK.nl
IITC plugin: Stadiamaps.com map layersMap Tiles1.0.020231123.150400Add the map layers and overlays from stadiamaps.com (Stadia, Stamen, Alidade). A personal API Key is required. Setup instructions are available in a dialog.
IITC plugin: Highlight Resonator OwnersHighlighter1.0.020231019.224200Highlight portals with resonators by owner
IITC plugin: Filter Comms for MU and moreTweak1.1.020231019.181300Filter the 'all' comms pane, options to show only created Control Fields and their MUs, filter for capture, deploy, link, destroy or drone actions, filter faction or public chat, or filter all actions by faction
IITC plugin: Date and timeControls2.2.120230824.100900Show date and time on the map, configurable time formatting, select a manual timezone, or automated timezones with your free GeoNames account.
IITC plugin: Uniques add-onAddon1.0.020230330.230000Add-on for the Uniques plugin (required). Auto add captured and visited portals from history data to the Uniques plugin stored data. Uniques data can then be synced across your devices with your portal history details.
IITC plugin: Portals list add-onAddon1.1.020230321.232000Add-on to only display portals for visible/enabled layers, a fix for Unclaimed/Placeholder Portals, added level filters and load portal details.
IITC plugin: Free StylerLayer2.2.020230320.000500This plugin gives you free choice to style colors and opacity for portals, links (width) and fields, including the new Machina portals and links.
IITC plugin: UMM distanceMisc1.1.020230315.212300Display and auto update the total missions distance (in km or miles) for the Ultimate Mission Maker drawn missions in IITC
IMATTCMission Creator1.12.420230113.110500Ingress Mission Authoring Tool Total Conversion, adding categories for missions, show banner preview, export json, download images, and more.
IITC plugin: Add U̶͚̓̍N̴̖̈K̠͔̍͑̂͜N̞̥͋̀̉Ȯ̶̹͕̀W̶̢͚͑̚͝Ṉ̨̟̒̅ Machina LayersMisc1.3.020221220.001100Add U̶͚̓̍N̴̖̈K̠͔̍͑̂͜N̞̥͋̀̉Ȯ̶̹͕̀W̶̢͚͑̚͝Ṉ̨̟̒̅ Machina Layers to older versions of IITC (before version 0.34.0), including Portals list and Portal count plugin support
Mission Banner Cropper: Prime Add-onAddon1.2.020221110.151100Apply changes to the Mission Banner Cropper to match the new Ingress Prime mission badge spacing, and more (this plugin does not work with IITC CE Button extension, only with Tampermonkey).
IITC plugin: Missions add-onAddon1.1.120221027.234600Add-on to add extra functionality for the missions plugin (up to version 0.3.0): 1: Optionally search for all missions within visible range, not just the top 25 (be aware: using this option will increase your server requests). 2: Sort the loaded missions by title (including roman numbers). 3: Show and remove stored missions. 4: Selected mission color changed to red. 5. Displayed missions show filled start portal. 6. Banner view for stored missions. 7. Transfer missions (export/import). 8. Missions routes layer can show a colorful path. 9. Redraw opened missions after IITC reloads.
IITC plugin: Backup/restore all dataMisc1.0.120221019.225200With this plugin you can backup all your localstorage data, so you can save it to a text file, and you can also restore all data. This can be usefull to transfer your settings to another device, or to make a backup before reinstalling IITC. You can also view or delete stored data.
Bannergress: Add-onAddon4.2.120220926.214200Add a lot of extra non-standard functionality. Read the About info for all details. Filters for Done and To-Do banners, on the Map and Browse page (Sign in required). Filter Offline or Online banners from the Browse list. !!! Be aware that using these Plugin Filters will transfer very large amounts of Bannergress data !!!
IITC plugin: Acquired items Share buttonMisc1.0.020220908.235100Add a Share button into the Acquired items dialog, after using a Redeem code.
IITC plugin: OpenCycleMap.org map tiles add-onAddon1.0.120220712.094300Add-on to set an API KEY for the Thunderforest map tiles (OpenCycleMap). To make things easier, the Add-on already includes the code from the OpenCycleMap plugin.
IITC plugin: Show smaller portalsLayer1.0.020220711.234400Show smaller portals when zooming out.
IITC plugin: Keep all dataCache1.0.020220711.233600Use the layer selector to toggle Keep all portals and Keep all links, to keep all out of view portals and links loaded (be aware that currently destroyed links are not removed when these options are switched on)
IITC plugin: Fix floating comma URLMisc1.0.020220705.222400Regional settings can cause scanner links to have a comma instead of a point/dot in the latitude and longitude values. IITC then loads the wrong location at startup. This plugin converts any set of 4 numbers with 3 comma separators in the url, into 2 floating point values with 1 comma separator and reloads Intel with the fixed URL.
IITC plugin: Goto Ingress intel linkMisc1.0.020220614.235300Instead of clicking a link you can copy/paste any URL into IITC with this Goto Intel Link plugin. Support for portal links, map/perma links, mission links, and also support for portal and mission links created in the Ingress Prime scanner.
IITC plugin: Mobile improvementsMisc1.0.020211027.195200Add some improvements for IITC mobile, such as a close button for the portal details/info screen, a full screen button.
IITC plugin: Portal History Support for all IITC versions (with cache)Tweak0.0.320210725.160300With this plugin the Portal History will be implemented into all versions of IITC. This plugin injects functionality from the IITC-CE release (version 0.32.0) plus extra modifications into all IITC versions (IITC.me / IITC-CE 0.31.1). Code will be injected into the IITC core. History results are cached and re-used automatically. Details from your COMMS captured portals are loaded automatically. Portal history requires CORE subscription.
IITC plugin: pan control add-onAddon1.0.020210724.002500Change Pan Control to pan whole screens
IITC plugin: imageOverlayLayer0.0.120210724.002500Place an image on the map, to help draw field art
IITC plugin: Unfreeze buttonTweak0.0.320210724.002500Display an Unfreeze button, to use in case of IITC app hang after using zoom on mobile devices.
IITC plugin: Toilet locationsLayer0.0.120210724.002500Show public toilet locations in The Netherlands (using data from hogenood.nl)
IITC plugin: Team bookmarksControls0.0.520210724.002500Easily add or remove bookmarks for all portals within visible range per team. This plugin requires the Bookmarks plugin and optionally the Bookmarks add-on (to enable color bookmarks).
IITC plugin: See MoreTweak2.0.020210724.002500See more portals and links when zooming out: zoom level all links changes to all portals, zoom level links>300m changes to all links. Beware: This plugin will cause slightly more data usage when zooming out.
IITC plugin: Quick Draw LinksLayer0.0.920210724.002500Quickly draw and move links from portal to portal on the map. Show crosslinks, for links on the map, as well as for drawn links. Store/Restore your projects. Added great circle support. Added fields layer. Export list of used portals with link count. Integrated Spectrum Colorpicker 1.8.1
IITC plugin: Onscreen Portal DetailsInfo0.0.320210724.002500Show portal info about resonators and mods for the selected portal directly on the map.
IITC plugin: Load more COMMS historyTweak0.0.320210724.002500Load more COMMS history without scrolling back, usefull for other plugins
IITC plugin: Live InventoryInfo0.0.1720210724.002500Show current in-game inventory. Requires CORE subscription. Fork by DanielOnDiordna https://github.com/DanielOndiordna/IngressLiveInventory extras: menu buttons, refresh feedback, portals list key count, capsule view, keys in capsule view on portals, zoom keys, draw bookmarks.
IITC plugin: History HighlightersHighlighter0.0.120210724.002500Highlighters to make use of captured history data. Highlighters to hide all or only all captured portals, with or without ENL and RES portals. Requires CORE subscription
IITC plugin: Font awesome integrationTweak0.0.120210724.002500Font awesome: Get vector icons and social logos on your website with Font Awesome, the web's most popular icon set and toolkit (https://fontawesome.com/ using source: https://www.bootstrapcdn.com/fontawesome/).
IITC plugin: Favorite portal detailsInfo0.1.620210724.002500Quickly show a list of details for your favorite list of portals.
IITC plugin: Drone route plannerLayer1.1.320210724.002500Plan a route for your drone (manually), draw your route between portals in range. Mark hacked portals. Use the drone half range layer to see if portals are within range. Import/export data functions available. Integrated Spectrum Colorpicker 1.8.1
IITC plugin: Console logMisc0.0.120210724.002500Display the Console log in a window, captures console.log and console.warn. Execute Javascript commands with the eval field, results are displayed with JSON.stringify formatting
IITC plugin: Cells areas at portal levelLayer0.0.420210724.002500Show the S2 cells areas on the map at portal zoom level. A tiny area instead of a score region. Also shows larger S2 cells when zooming out. Using geoJson instead of geodesicPolyline.

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